We utilize marketing strategies in favor of boosting you company image and improve your marketing productivity, this involves radical changes to a brand’s logo, name, legal names, image, marketing strategy, websites and advertising themes.


Our creative team will come with great ideas for your branding needs, either it’s a new product lunching or rebranding.


Rebranding turn out to be impressive trend since the start of this century, even several corporations rebranded quite a few times.


Why Rebranding?

Differentiation from other competitor, Elimination of a negative image, lost market share, Emergent situations, staying relevant


Product Rebranding: Following a merger or acquisition, companies usually rebrand newly acquired products to keep them consistent with an existing product line.


Impact of rebranding

The company/product brand across all client stroke points makes rebranding a serious responsibility for companies. In rebranding the iceberg model holds true, 80% of the blow is unseen, The levels of impact of changing a brand depend on the amount to which the brand is changed, There are several fundamentals of a brand that can be changed in a rebranding these include the name, the logo, the legal name, and the corporate identity (including visual identity and verbal identity). Changes made only to the company logo have the lowest impact (called a logo-swap), while changes made to the name, legal name, and other identity elements will touch every part of the company and can result in high costs and impact on large complex organizations.

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